I used to have one just like this. Credit: Flickr user Tuija

I started in college as a fill-in, reveling in unprogrammed music for three-hour intervals at WCNI. Long after putting together playlists with Polvo and The Flaming Lips in college, I’ve had the chance work freelance for WNYC, producing for fast-paced news show “The Takeaway,” helping cover state and national political battles, or reporting on ship graveyards. I’m still learning in radio, but it’s a medium that certainly fits with my love for music, my NPR-loving upbringing, and a thorough appreciation for the use of sound in reporting. In some of the audio below you’ll hear my voice, but in other segments, I was producing (reporting and writing scripts in preparation for segments to air), so you will not.

Not Like Mike: Michael McMahon and Michael Grimm Campaign on Differences in Staten Island Congressional Race

The Witte Boneyard: A Different Kind of Graveyard

Daptone Records’ Gabriel Roth Remembers Willie Mitchell

Senator Bob Casey Jr. Reacts to Pennsylvania Primary Results

David Lipsky on David Foster Wallace

Michelle Obama’s Campaign Against Childhood Obesity

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