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Ben Brock Johnson is a print, radio, and new media journalist working in New York City.

Codebreaker: Cracking engagement for on-demand audio

I made a pilot episode of Codebreaker over two years ago. Last Spring, I finally got some help in making a show that takes an unflinching look at technology while experimenting with audience engagement in some new and interesting ways. I am of course biased, but we’ve had some nice validation in the press: Wired, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, Current, Ars Technica, AV Club, the list goes on. Continue reading

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Hosting Marketplace Tech for American Public Media

I’ve been busy. Mostly helping to produce, then expand, then step in as interim host for a national show on public radio called Marketplace Tech. Part of the American Public Media stable of shows, our mission is to “explore how technology is changing our lives and our society.” Continue reading

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Slate’s YouTube Channel: Can I write 150 Words That Matter?

It’s been a strange few years for me professionally. After nearly a decade reporting and editing for newspapers—a gig I mostly enjoyed despite the doom and gloom in an industry forever changed by the internet—I left to work in another … Continue reading

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Frank Buckles and ‘The American Century’

The death of the last American World War 1 veteran begins a discussion about American hegemony. Continue reading

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Do Not Start Fights With James Murphy

James Murphy, the man behind LCD Soundsystem, is not afraid to go head-to-head, whether he’s training for ultimate fighting or calling out ticket scalpers. Continue reading

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Master Casts of Everything

Lost art: watching a pro cut a lacquer disc for a vinyl pressing. Continue reading

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